What is RTLS?

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) stand at the pinnacle of modern technological advancements, playing an instrumental role in optimizing industry operations.

So, what is RTLS?

RTLS technologies are designed to automatically identify and track objects or individuals in real-time. They operate using wireless “tags” or “badges”, which communicate with a specific infrastructure to disclose their location.

How Does RTLS Work?

Here are the different technologies SADELABS employs for RTLS:

– BLE: Leverages Bluetooth Low Energy for zone-based tracking.

– ULP: A fusion of dual wireless technologies designed for energy-efficient positioning.

– UWB: Deploys wide frequency communication techniques for high-precision tracking.

– GPS: Uses satellite-based positioning, ideal for outdoor tracking scenarios.


Why Does RTLS Matter?

– Operational Efficiency: Enhance processes by pinpointing essential assets or personnel swiftly.

– Safety: Proactively monitor individuals in sectors such as healthcare or industrial settings to mitigate potential hazards.

– Data-Driven Insights: Harness data to refine workflows and pinpoint operational bottlenecks.

Whether it’s healthcare, where the focus might be on tracking patients and medical equipment, or manufacturing, where inventory and asset management are paramount, the applications of RTLS are expansive and revolutionary.

At SADELABS, we are at the vanguard of RTLS innovation. Join us on a deep dive into the IoT landscape and uncover the transformative impact of RTLS across industries.