Tourism Suppliers offer services to the tourists through technology and network while they collaborate with other sectors to provide best services to the tourists. Destination Marketing Organizations performs marketing and information sharing through Internet and smart devices. Guests no longer need to wait in line for services management. Through a mobile app, guests are notified when their room or order is ready. Once at the room, guests simply wave their phone in front of the lock to open the door. Mobile keys increase guest satisfaction and the likelihood of a customer booking a room through the hotel’s app or website. Collecting data from each room using a unique digital identity, each room can be booked, rated and reviewed individually, and/or each guest can be monitored by room identity. This helps hotels to collect data about a guest’s preferences in order to offer them a more customized experience during their next stay as well as the capability to perfectly follow regulated room temperature, suggested playlists based on favorite artists, selection of TV channels based on viewing habits, ideal assortment of mini bar items, etc.