The principle of the SADE TECHNOLOGY family, which we have established with all our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers, is the mutual trust that develops in line with the basic principles of our corporate culture.

To work within the rules of law and ethics; to avoid attitudes and behaviors that are contrary to the interests of society. Our sustainable cooperation takes power from our work based on trust and honesty with those around us.

Effective Communication

Providing a double-sided, clear, and understandable communication environment at all levels among our employees enables team play. Continuous communication with our customers is perceived as the guarantee of our future.

Innovations and developments are conveyed to our customers face-to-face, by phone or message; solutions are provided through our staff who immediately assimilated the concept of unconditional customer satisfaction by being aware of the possible negativities.

Fidelity and Loyalty

With the understanding of family, being in solidarity as customers, suppliers and our company is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our internal and external relations are based on trust.

We make the necessary sacrifices to ensure employee and customer loyalty. We believe that it is possible to analyze all problems in mutual understanding and we do not avoid sacrifice for solution.

Social Responsibility

Being aware of the fact that we owe our existence to our people, sharing our knowledge and experience with those who need it, contributing to social studies that will improve our social unity, and supporting the nature and environment-protecting campaigns is perceived as an inevitable duty.