Mission & Vision


SADE TECHNOLOGY, through its software and hardware based IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, contributes to the digital transformations of companies and institutions in order to maintain their assets in the future by making them traceable and manageable. With the knowledge and experience accumulated for years, the company continues to be a Trusted Friend for its customers by producing solutions fed by the latest technologies with the equipped human power.

By providing customer loyalty, the company aims to increase the number of customers “SADE TECHNOLOGY Friendly” customers and maintain its leading position in the sector. Employees carry out a win-win-based, sustainable relationship with the SADE TECHNOLOGY-friendly suppliers and customers in team spirit.

The value of SADE TECHNOLOGY brand comes from the efficiency of the projects realized, product and service quality, customer satisfaction created by know-how customer approach, knowledge and equipped manpower.


Supporting digital transformation with continuously updated technologies and applying strategic management principles in the market for continuity and sustainable respectability, SADE TECHNOLOGY will be the national LEADER and global BRAND in IoT sector

SADE TECHNOLOGY is an ever-growing technology company that is constantly growing due to the increasing product range of each project and its expanding product variety due to the accumulation of experience, the increase in turnover and proportional profitability due to the increase in market share, and the development of its employees in quality and quantity.

Within the framework of the corporate social responsibility concept, the company will organize awareness and information activities in the field of technology for the future generations that we will entrust our future, the indispensable part of the future world. It will always support the projects that will show its sensitivity to the environment within the framework of corporate social responsibility.