Corporate Culture


Leadership and Entrepreneurship

To carry our success and dignity to the future by developing in accordance with the concept of globalization. In this way, capital, labor, information, etc. sources of goods and services to create employment by creating resources is perceived as entrepreneurship

Our employees are expected to be proactive in their own fields and to solve their problems with their personal initiatives by saying ”What should I do? Self-confidence and courage to take the initiative moves individuals and institutions forward.

Team Work and Collaboration

Our teamwork understanding requires individuals to contribute to the success of their team with their performances. Our expectation is that all employees use their knowledge, skills and abilities for the success of the organization.

Our employees must be in solidarity with each other, act together and shoulder to shoulder. Our relationships should be based on respect, trust, participation and cooperation. The binding element is the trust to each other. Our wishes, feelings, thoughts and expectations should be shared with each other openly and accurately.

Targeting the “Excellent”

Our goal is to provide the highest quality at the most cost-effective for our customers. Quality and excellence are not only known for our projects and products; construction, management, employees and the institution.

Excellence is achieved when all employees work diligently by focusing on internal and external customers. Continuous development is achieved by using time, tools, knowledge, and skills effectively, and by paying the right attention to detail.

Investing in People
Due to our modern management approach, our people are our most valuable assets with a human-oriented perspective. Adhering to them as institutions, acting responsibly to their needs raises our performance. In order to carry our company to the future, it is on our agenda to carry out management practices that improve the capabilities of our human resources and to support them with trainings.
Equal Opportunity
Each and every employee who develops himself / herself in a way to fulfill the responsibilities required by the superior duty is open to advance.
Corporate Responsibiliy and Modernity
Our priority as an institution and individual is not only to make our commercial existence sustainable, but also to contribute to human and quality of life. Contributing to society is the necessity of being a modern institution. It is our sensitivity to give back to the society that we receive from society.
Responsibilities Against Society
Respecting society, nature, environment and national values, maintaining mutual trust and respect.
Responsibilities Against Our Customers
Equal treatment without discrimination Keeping information as a trade secret. To provide complete product and service to every customer. Always provide a safe environment for all Settlement of possible disputes between our institution and our customers.
Responsibilities Against State
To adhere to the laws and principles in Republic of Turkey and in all countries we operate.
Responsiblities Against Our Employees

There will be no discrimination among our employees. Differences and cultural diversity are a tool for development.

Personal information will not be shared with third parties without their permission.

A safe and peaceful working environment will be provided to the employees. Preventive measures will be taken.

The rights of our employees with laws and regulations shall be respected and their rights shall be protected.

In order to prepare our employees for tomorrow, training will be given importance at every level and presented to the employee in a transparent manner.

We will take care to ensure equal opportunities for our employees on equal terms in education, salary, career etc.